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Kshyamashree Mahakud, co-founder and chief operating officer, has been with Digital Gaurabh since its inception. Alongside her partners, Kshyamashree has played a pivotal role in taking Digital Gaurabh from a start-up run from a bedroom in the family home to a thriving agency of over 5 years. With over 10 years in the digital marketing industry, Kshyamashree is passionate about building long-lasting relationships with our clients. Her role is all about making connections and bringing in business. Kshyamashree loves getting to know our clients and understanding their individual needs; she says, “Nothing beats that personal touch.” Kshyamashree is also an expert in SEO and ad-run planning, and she has a great talent for helping clients find ways to bring more people to their websites, improve their rankings, and get more business. When she isn’t speaking to clients, she is sharing her vast strategy knowledge by mentoring our SEO executives.

Our Digital Gaurabh is not just an agency but also an educational institute where we teach and train those who are aspiring to make a name for themselves in this fast-changing digital world. And in this noble cause, Kshyamashree Mahakud is the flagbearer. Long before entering the digital marketing world, from a very young age, she has been an outstanding teacher garnering immense accolades. And that zeal for providing education is something she will always have. So, despite her busy schedule all day long, she still manages a 2-hour time window to educate our students daily. Her teaching style always consists of two phases: theory and practical learning. Besides that, she even holds one-on-one doubt-clearing sessions for each of our students, even if it’s on weekends. One of her lifelong goals is for every student of hers to be a successful person in his or her life.

Expertise not only comes with experience but also with an interest in spreading knowledge and an open mind to learn and gather more. Here, we’d like to introduce you to our creative director,Soumya Ranjan Nayak. He is a perfectionist when it comes to design and creativity, and he is also a great trainer. He is in charge of the training department for graphics, and he uses cutting-edge tools and techniques to teach. With more than 5 years of experience in branding and graphic design, he is an expert in design principles and software, typography, digital imaging, page layout, and prepress techniques, with a focus on the design process from visualization to production. And this is the level of training ethics followed by him, branding Digital Gaurabh as the best graphic design course provider in Bhubaneswar.

Laxmi prasad Mahanta

Working in a diversified field, Laxmiprasad Mahanta keeps the combination of technical and soft skills in mind when designing websites. He knows how to give users the best experience possible by having a good grasp of design, color theory, and technical needs. He is quite familiar with HTML and CSS and has experience with web platforms as well as photo editing software. With such expertise, he brings more than a year of experience and also provides valuable training to aspirants who want to become website designers. He is an expert in all kinds of dynamic websites and has made display websites, portfolio websites, e-commerce websites, and payment gateways.

Our Social Media Services

Thirdly, We can set up your company’s profile on well-known social media platforms and however on professional networking platforms also, as a result that will help you build your online presence.

  • Firstly, Account/Page Creation
  • Secondly, Social Profile Optimization
  • Thirdly, Initiations of Trending Hashtags
  • Use Of Bespoke Content
  • Content/Creative Production
  • SMO Strategy Creation & Execution
  • Most Importantly Monthly Insight Report
  • Paid Social Media Marketing 


         In conclusion, why should one choose Digital Gaurabh, subsquently know the factors :-

  • For Best Online Marketing Presence We Offer Powerful and Latest Technologies & Tools
  • Moreover Multitude Of SMO Packages To Choose From
  • And, Dedicated Team Of Experts
  • Most importantly Quick and Full Support
  • Next Keeping Your Information Secured and Confidential
  • Lastly and most importantly 100% Client Satisfaction and Cost-Effective Solution.

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