Advanced Graphic design course

Digital Gaurabh provides the best Graphic Designing Course in Bhubaneswar. Creativity is so important to the graphic designer’s process and people who are creative thinkers, they also involve themself in art and technology. Here is why you should learn these courses to explore all areas of design, it always makes you develop the skill and knowledge in software.

Therefore we are here to we are offering you the best Graphic Designing course from Digital Gaurabh which offers Advanced Graphic Courses with a new teaching methodology that develops your skill. We provide you with the advanced version of Creative Graphic Design where we not only teach you courses but also tasks and assignments that are real-time experiences. focused on learning creatively from Digital Gaurabh, the finest Graphic Design Institute. meanwhile, After course completion, we will provide you with certificates from creative verticals and a live project learning experience. Generally, beginners don’t have an idea of how to handle client requirements in graphic design it’s more important even to have good knowledge but are not able to deliver the client’s needs, and here we are to teach you that process of understanding client needs and fulfill his requirement. 

  • Graphics Design Theory
  • Graphics Design Principles
  • Visual Elements
  • Colour Theory
  • Typography
  •  Psychology in Graphic Design
  • Creative Strategy
  • draw to desgin
  • photo manipulation
  • professional mock-ups

Design in software

  • Photoshop
  • Illustrator
  • Coral Draw
  • In design
  • After effects

Finding Your Design Niche!

  • Branding Identity
  • Logo Design
  • Packaging Design
  • Graphic illustration
  • Design Marketing
  • Type Design
  • Publication Design
  • Web/UI/UX Design
  • Motion Graphics
  • Surface Design/Pattern Design Design
  • Youtube Thumbnail Design
  • Book Cover Design
  • Design For Games
  • Bonus Tips and Tricks For Awesome Designs
  • NEW! Design Trends 2022! With Practical Projects!
  • Creating Your Portfolio
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