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Kumud Chandra Dash

(Managing Director & Co-Founder)

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Know The Best Digital Marketing Agency Digital Gaurabh expertise in providing social media marketing and advertising services, Content and Graphic marketing , SEO services and many more. Established to address the growing digital skills deficit by assisting people in upskilling, retraining, and launching their careers in digital marketing. We are a specialized training institute and digital marketing agency.  With a defined mission: to benchmark, up-skill, and standardize the level of digital marketing training and competency. We want to help marketers attain their full potential by assisting them in achieving their learning goals. Our course establishes the framework of knowledge, skill, and competency necessary to fulfill the current and future demands of the Digital Economy. Students, professionals, educators, and businesses can use Digital Gaurabh’s certification framework to establish the digital certification and progression paths available to them.

Our Vision - Build skills to become Best Digital Marketing Company in India

In this era of digital marketing, companies are seeking ahead to hiring some very skilled specialists and we are here to aid them to become the partner of success with our guidance. We believe in developing long-term connections with our students and providing ongoing support. Our vision is to support marketers achieve their learning ambitions, help them realize their full potential. Digital Gaurabh the best digital marketing company in India experts not only in the field of services but also seeks to teach and focus on fostering the creative senses of its students by delivering complete live classroom training to enhance the career of students and professionals through reasonable and adaptable courses. Following the conclusion of the training, we also provide basic employment chances, allowing everyone to work with us and become adjusted to their professions before moving out into the big world.

Kshyamashree Mahakud

(Director & Co-Founder)